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Tree Risk Assessment

Tree risk assessment is a process that identifies, analyzes, and evaluates tree risk and determines the significance of the risk. Trees are evaluated for risk of injuring and/or damaging people and property. Trees are evaluated for the chance of a tree failure occurring, the chance of the tree damaging property, and the combination of the likelihood of a tree failing and the likelihood of impacting property or people. In tree risk assessment, consequences of tree failure include personal injury, property damage, or disruption of activities because of danger.

Tree risk assessment should only be accomplished by a Certified Arborist.

Reasons for having trees assessed include:

  • Before construction
  • Before grade changes
  • Before site clearing
  • Before root cuts
  • Before paving over roots
  • After storm damage
  • Signs of disease, cracks, missing bark, decay, broken limbs, thinning crown, loss of vigor, sapwood damage
  • Unbalanced or leaning trees
  • Trees covered by vines or infected with mistletoe

Mistletoe & Ball Moss Removal

Ball Moss
Ball moss is not a parasite but rather an epiphyte. Epiphytes are plants that grow on other plants but absorb their nutrients from the atmosphere. While ball moss does not cause tree branches to die, it can hinder their growth. That's why many people choose to have all ball moss removed. Removing ball moss makes trees more attractive and gives them a healthier appearance. Ray Williamson Tree service not only carefully removes ball moss, we bag the moss and remove it from your property.

Trees prone to ball moss should be checked periodically for new infestation.

Mistletoe is a parasitic plant that damages trees. Mistletoe is most commonly spread by birds who feed on the berries then fly to another tree and wipe their beaks on the branches. Leftover seed adheres to branches of the new tree allowing Mistletoe to sprout and root into the branch.

Mistletoe absorbs water and nutrients from trees resulting in their decline, particularly when the tree is stressed due other factors.

Mistletoe must be cut out of the tree in order to remove the pod from which the Mistletoe plant grows. Certified arborist, Ray Williamson, has the knowledge and experience to make sure the cut is correct and will not set up conditions for pest and disease infestation.

Once Mistletoe is removed the trees need to be checked periodically for new Mistletoe growth. New Mistletoe growth should be removed as soon as its observed.

Storm Cleanup

Hail, thunderstorms, tornados, high winds, ice storms, and heavy snow can cause major damage to Central Texas trees. Trees can sustain broken limbs, trunk and limb damage, split trunks, or be uprooted. After severe weather has passed, it is important to have your trees checked for broken branches, limbs with brown leaves, leaning trees and uneven soil at the base where roots may have been disturbed. Certified Arborists are trained to identify and assess storm damage and make recovery recommendations. Ray Williamson Tree Service many years of experience and proper equipment assures you that the cleanup will be performed safely and efficiently. We carefully remove fallen trees and branches from buildings and vehicles taking care to avoid further damage.

Tree Removal for Firebreak

A firebreak is an area in which all combustible plant are cleared away eliminating hazardous vegetation that can transmit fires. The Texas Forest Service recommends that firebreaks be a minimum of 10 feet wide. A firebreak can contain ornamental vegetation as long as it is regularly irrigated. Trees within a firebreak are removed or have lower branches pruned to prevent spread of fire to tree canopies.

Certified arborist, Ray Williamson, evaluates potential firebreak areas, removes hazardous trees, and limbs up trees that are safe to be left within the firebreak.

Lot & Land Clearing

Ray Williamson Tree Service studies your site assesses trees on the site then provides recommendations as to which trees should be removed and which preserved. We also inform you as to how valuable trees can be protected during construction (Risk Assessment). We then carefully remove unwanted trees from the site to transform your lot into a workable space suitable to build or plant according to your needs and desires. We effectively clear the site on time and at the right price.

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