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Although most quality trees have few problems, occasionally problems arise that are so serious the tree must be removed because it poses a hazard to people and property. A tree may be a hazard if:

  • Tree trunk has shifted from a vertical to a leaning position
  • Angle of tree trunk lean has become more acute
  • Tree has been struck by lightning
  • Signs of severe disease
  • Large percentage of dying limbs
  • Abnormally large cracks in tree trunk
  • Hollow cavities in tree trunks or major limbs
  • Rotting areas in tree trunk or major limbs
  • History of major root disturbance, damage, or destruction
  • Tree growing too close to home, sidewalk, or driveway
  • Lesser quality tree reaching end of its life span
  • Fire damage or fire break
  • Wind, hail, tornado, or other storm damage
  • Adjacent trees dying or falling
  • Soil level around tree raised or lowered more than an inch
  • Large percentage of leaves develop unusual color or size inconsistent with current season
  • Extended drought

When removal is necessary, Ray Williamson Tree Service crew will carefully remove the tree. Thanks to our years of experience, we know how to remove trees without damaging surrounding structures, trees, or landscaping. Our 60 foot bucket truck allows us to remove even the tallest trees safely. After the work is done all debris will be cleaned up and disposed of utilizing our chipper shredder machine.

Be sure take advantage of Ray Williamson Tree Service's stump grinding service. Stump grinding puts an end to waiting years for the unsightly stump to rot, wasting money on stump rotting potions that don't work, or mowing around the offending stump forever. Stump grinding removes all evidence there was ever a tree in the spot. The stump is ground off below surface level so you can plant in or near the stump ground area immediately.

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