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This live oak tree has been carefully and beautifully pruned by Ray Williamson Tree Service.Attractive quality trees add value to your home and property. Like your other valuable assets your trees need protection and maintenance. Your trees should be inspected on a regular basis. This is particularly true during times of stress, like prolonged drought, severe winters, wind storms, and hail storms. The longer a problem persists the harder it is to correct. Thanks to our many years of experience Ray Williamson Tree Service company knows how to quickly spot problems and correct them before they become major hazards.

Problems or conditions to watch for include:
  • Trees with multiple leaders (trunks)
  • Broken or hanging tree limbs or branches
  • Dead tree branches
  • Tree branches rubbing on walls, windows, or roofs
  • Storm damage
  • Weak tree limbs or branches
  • Trees growing into power line
  • Poor branch angles
  • Cracks or splits in tree limbs or branches
  • Major tree branches too low on trunk
  • Signs of disease or severe insect infestation
  • Trees that need reshaping for better balance
  • Young trees that need pruning and shaping for optimal growth and beauty
  • Tree branches hanging over neighbor's property
  • Tree branches hanging too low over street or driveway

If you have observed any of the above or if you just want the assurance of having an expert check out your trees, call or email Ray Williamson Tree Service today.

Ray Williamson Tree Service crew carefully prunes your trees. We climb trees using proper techniques, utilizing ropes and saddles, or use our 60 foot bucket truck. We remove even the highest branches safely and in a manner that protects your valuable trees. After the work is done we clean up, remove, and dispose of all debris utilizing our chipper shredder machine.

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